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Frankensbox FX-800 3D Printer

Frankensbox FX-800 3D Printer
Frankensbox FX-800 3D Printer

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I have to say the product Frankensbox FX-800 3D Printer for the price is definitely 5 star! My first three prints have been outstanding! Start up was relatively easy for me, but I am an Engineer with some experience in commercial 3D printing.

That brings me to the however.

First I was impressed with the packaging and product as I unpacked! Unfortunately, I did not get a spatula for removing builds from the platform? Really not that big a deal as removal from the supplied painters tape was relatively easy.

Second, the software download is so new my virus protection threw up all over it! There were not enough downloads for the protection to feel comfortable. Seeing as the product and packaging were so professional and the fact that I had virus scanned the software prior, I went ahead and installed. (No problems so far) However, every time I start the software I still get a warning. Frankensbox really needs to work on this!

Thirdly, the quick start guide is somewhat lacking! A little more detail would have been appreciated! Like some explanations of how to use support in the software. (support as in supporting your 3d build) There does not seem to be ANY help options in the software!

Final however, when the quick start tells you to ‘feed the filament through the hole’ it MEANS you must feed the filament through the hole below the spring loaded gear assembly!! Not all that visible the first time you do it! Also, know that if you do a reject material, it pulls the filament all of the way out of the hole and you have to feed it again. (notes that could have been in the quick start)

Final notes, while the Frankensbox starts up pretty much as easily as advertised, you need to start doing some research on 3D printing! Especially, if you are going to experiment with different materials! You will need to adjust the generic software settings!

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