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Foam Gun Car Wash

Foam Gun Car Wash
Foam Gun Car Wash

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Foam Gun Car Wash !! I’m a detail snob. Add in the fact this is my dream car and I’m sure you can imagine how upset I was it had been sitting filthy for a long time because of our awful weather. Once it started to warm up, I decided it was time to replace my old wash kit (I had lost it when they totaled my old car). I hunted around for my old meguiars kit that I bought for $20, but no luck. So, although very skeptical… I bought this kit. My fiancee was just as skeptical and nearly fainted at the price point. Our skepticism grew when I showed her how my foam blaster spun around as if it were loose and mentioned the reviews on here that said it leaked. I huffed and decided to test it a few days later after trying to fix it with no luck. Well, it worked fine. Better than my old foam gun. I’m a little confused as to how people are running out of foam and soap quickly. I filled to the top line as instructed and used less than half of it for two rounds of cleaning… on the richest setting. I used all the products except the speed wipe, just because I hadn’t been paying attention. I didn’t need it though. Soap rinsed off and dried spotless using the provided sprayer in the kit. Tires look slick and have a deep wet shine. The glass is spotless. The trim looks brand new. All tar and gunk has disappeared. Wax is easy to use, although the provided applicator is a little weird for me to use. Immediately after washing, I gave it my stamp of approval and went back inside the house and waited for my fiancee to wake up so I could show her the car. When I walked back out later that night, I was shocked. Take everything I said in the last paragraph and times it by 10. It was BEAUTIFUL. I don’t know what these people are doing, but they’re doing it right. I’ve never had a car look this good… and I guarantee this is cleaner than it has ever been from a dealer. I almost don’t want to drive it anymore. Fiancee leaves. Comes back the next morning and I walk out. It looks even BETTER. I’ve never been more proud of a car sitting in our driveway. Do yourself a favor and get this kit. I don’t care if you’re strictly a Mother’s guy or swear by Meguairs. This will change you. Photos from left to right: before washing, immediately after, and the next morning.

Promised Review By Dayanara
  • Now clean your car everyday and be happy
  • This has made washing cars easy, fast and effective
  • Creates a bubble bath for car
  • Removes dirt, stain and clean it properly
  • A scratch less cleaning
  • The foam gun combines the soapy water solution with air and running water to spray foam
  • A great gift for all car lovers
  • Clean your love as it is meant to be
  • Customer support available
  • Satisfaction guarantee
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