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Flux Capacitor For Car

Flux Capacitor For Car
Flux Capacitor For Car

FLUX CAPACITOR - Blue - STARK 5-PIN Laser Etched LED Rocker Switch Dual Light - 20A 12V ON/OFF

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Flux Capacitor For Car is very nice product. The switch works great, my only complaint is the light. The one I received has the wording “Engine Fan” with no space under the symbol, which puts it almost in the middle of the switch instead of slightly toward the bottom.

The result is that when the dash lights are on, the bar on the bottom is super bright, and the wording is dim and the word FAN is brighter that ENGINE.

Cosmetically its slightly annoying. If the wording was how the picture shows with space between them, I am assuming it would be better.

Promised Review by N. Smith
  • 20 Amp 12 Volt Dual LED lights (5-PINs) Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) ON / OFF Rocker Switch
  • Premium Laser Etched Directly onto Black Hard Surface
  • New Style Simple Design with Rounded Corners