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Floor Gaming Chair With Speakers

Floor Gaming Chair With Speakers
Floor Gaming Chair With Speakers

X Rocker, 5110301, Eclipse Floor Rocker 2.0 BT, 31 x 16.5 x 27.5, Black/Silver

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that i was a hair away from falling asleep in this chair a few days ago, and if not for my phone ringing, i would have been out for the night. like any chair of this salt, it is also capable of being used as an inversion chair when your back/neck complain.i cannot really comment on the electronics as i have not tried them. bluetooth, hey, my chair has _bluetooth_? can i take a work call on my chair? i’m not sure if the bluetooth supports audio input. i actually mean to plug it in and try it out, as i am curious what, exactly, will happen if i try to pair a chair with a thinkpad running ubuntu.

i can say this: the electronics do a great job of weighing the chair down.

Promised Review By Jen
  • Bluetooth Audio System with headrest mounted speakers
  • Great for use in the office,
  • Rocking design moves and reclines for comfortable