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Floating Moon Lamp

Floating Moon Lamp
Floating Moon Lamp

VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp Night Light Floating and Spinning in Air Freely with Gradually Changing LED Lights Between Yellow and White for Home,Office Decor,Unique Holiday Gifts,Night Light

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Floating Moon Lamp is very nice products. The product come in a nice box and when we opened first thing to see was a nice message inside, later on I found out why.

The lamp came with UK adaptor and there was the problem for me. I struggle multiple times(like 1 hour) to fix the moon on the lamp I was so afraid not to break it, and I give up after unboxing and o found that many reviewers got this problem.

In the evening after work I decided to give one more shot before I send it back I saw that the plug doesn’t make good connection with the adaptor , during the day didint knew that the lamp is illuminated blue once is plugged in and I just tough I have to fix the moon then to press button to illuminate the base.

Well was wrong once you plug in the base it should be stay illuminate in blue color, that’s the point you know you can fix the moon on the next step. I give 4 star rating because for an expensive lamp the UK adaptor was very low quality , in order to connect the base you need to not fully plug in (like half) into de UK adaptor then guys try to fix the moon like in the instruction.

I did it from the first shot the base just drag the moon from my hands and it worked perfectly. I have to mention that I’ve bough a new UK adaptor from local shop for 2.50 Linda and it works perfectly .

Overall the lamp is amazing I would give 5 stars but because of the very low quality UK adaptor that makes people think that the lamp itself is not working I give 4 stars . Basically its to expensive not to have good grade UK adaptor at least, not to mention that was better to have the dc charger an UK adaptor included like UE boom have or many other products. Guys if you find other the lamp not working try to make the base turn blue color then fix the moon.

Try it it the evening when is no light , and try different UK adaptor than the one shipped with this lamp or else your house might burn down to ashes since you have to plug in only half and sparks are coming . Just buy a new one .

Promised Review By Ionut-Adrian Comanescu
  • .Magnetic Levitation
  • Wirless Charging
  • Different Patterns of Changing Light
  • 24+Hours To Perfect
  • Best Gift & Decro Lamp

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