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Floating Flowers For Pool

Floating Flowers For Pool
Floating Flowers For Pool

14Pcs Lily Pads for Ponds, Artificial Lotus - Realistic Water Lily Pads Leaves & Floating Foam Lotuses for Garden Koi Fish Pond Aquarium Pool Wedding Decor

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Floating Flowers For Pool is very nice product. I always have a period where my comets/shubies (900ga lined feature pond) have no natural cover, as I put in hyacinth in the spring and it’s dead by September. This makes a great ‘natural’ cover between the seasons to keep the fish from being ‘naked'(although it’s netted). Also very easy just to take out off to the side for any maintenance.

I don’t intend to leave it in the freezing/dormant periods, but it’s a decent amount of ‘lilies’ for the money. If they last the fall/spring I’ll be happy for sub $15/set. They look great and my kids like them better than the ‘real’ plants(of course). We hot-glued a few together to keep a large ‘pad’ and let a few of the small flowers drift, they seem pretty good at policing themselves from ever getting in the waterfall.

Great no maintenance solution for ‘natural’ cover.

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