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Flamingo Float

Flamingo Float
Flamingo Float

GoFloats Flamingo Pool Float Party Tube, Inflatable Rafts for Kids & Adults

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This Flamingo Float is great for hanging out in the pool. It is eye-catching and fun to use. If it were any larger, it would be very unwieldy and difficult to move around. The one downside is that when I’m floating I have no control over where I’m going–I have to either hang onto the pool’s edge or have a friend make sure I don’t drift all over the place. For this reason, the float is not ideal for use in lakes, where it could be more dangerous to drift away. Others have also commented that the float should have a cup holder, but I don’t mind holding my drink or letting it rest on my lap. After a few uses, the float got a pinhole leak somehow (probably from setting it on something on the concrete pool deck–does not appear to be a defect). I have patched it with the kit that came with the float, but haven’t had a chance to use it since.

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  • Fun in the sun
  • Huge size
  • Premium materials
  • Rapid valve inflation
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