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Fisheye Camera

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Fisheye Camera
Fisheye Camera
$25.99 $39.99

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In general the Fisheye Camera is reasonably decent for the price as long as you don’t expect what you’d get from a vastly more expensive set of lenses/filters. The kaleidoscope and starburst lenses will be seldom used but do yield a special touch. The CPL (circular polarizer) can also give you some interesting photos of sky/water (when you’re at a 90degree angle from the sun). The macros help you get up close and personal. The wide angles while not the greatest still can give you a shot you otherwise couldn’t get. The telephoto can help a bit but will need to be well centered.

One thing to be aware of is that all the lenses except one screw in a clockwise (right-handed) manner. The exception is the .63 wide angle screws into the 20x macro in a counter-clockwise (left hand) direction. These two were attached to the clip when I opened the case, except they weren’t screwed together (the wide angle was just sitting on top of the macro). I tried screwing the two together in the normal clockwise manner with no success. At first I thought the threads were damaged, stripped, or just not there. But looking at both under a magnifier revealed the left-handed threading.

I think this product is great for someone getting into photography with a decent cellphone camera.

I have the iPhone XR and in bought this camera to have something lightweight and easy to carry around with me all the time since I’ll always have my phone on me. Photography is a hobby of mine and I have cameras ranging from instant cameras to DLSRs.

The lenses are good quality and with 9 lenses comes a wide range of focal distance, field of view, or effects. The main lenses I sought after were the macro and wide lenses as I think they greatly increase the power of the current cellphone cameras.

The product comes with a nifty carrying case with clip and microfiber cloth for cleaning.

My only struggle with the product is screwing the wide angle lens back onto the macro is sometimes difficult as you need to get it perfectly level for it to screw back on.

Promised Review By Bill Tarman
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