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Fish Tank For Farming

Fish Tank For Farming
Fish Tank For Farming

YCTECH 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Starter Kits Fish Tank with LED Light and Filter Pump Black (320black)

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Fish Tank For Farming is very nice product. My pump died this week which is a bummer but it was a decent pump. Its design was easy to take care of so I liked it but I’ve had a good time with this tank. I have 4 Oto’s in there and that’s bout enough space for them they like it and it’s easy to maintain for sure I had stuck aquarium grass info the back drop and the grass grew like crazyyyyy I trimmed it back twice already so it’s very tamed right now but before it was covering the whole top layer so food was having a hard time getting thru but the grow lights work great in it! Plants love the light.

Also I did my back hardscape with brown silicone and big pieces of wood bark and then I shoved cocoa fiber and other materials onto the remainer to give a good look. Then I bought aquarium grass seeds from Amazon and I just shoved them into the crevices and within a few days they were already sprouting and then I left the light on for a whole weekend and I came back and it was like a full-out jungle. Very cool experience haha def recommend the aquarium grass very easy to use and very plenty to use in jar terrarium

Promised Review by GraysonFish Tank For Farming
  • Made of impact-resistant plastic with crystal-clear
  • One-piece construction providing superior strength and durability
  • Adding fun to life: With this small fish tank
  • 24 hours customer service online