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Fire Escape Shelf

Fire Escape Shelf
Fire Escape Shelf

Hausse Retractable 2 Story Fire Escape Ladder, 13 Feet

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Fire Escape Shelf is very nice product. As a former Firefighter I felt this was important to have. Fires are rare overall compaired to the amount of homes but when one happens you better have a plan. If your exit is blocked by fire, which is often the case, you’d better be able to exit that second floor of the home quickly and safely.

Jumping isn’t a great idea, often times death can be the result of the jump and if you don’t die you’re going to be injured severly and often times lifelong disabilities are the end result of that jump. The few dollars spent on this is a no brainer! Buy two if you’ve never used one and practice. When the house is burning around you, it’s not a time to try and figure it out. Stay safe! We need youto live!

Promised Review by J W
  • The hooks secure the ladder to the window frame
  • No assembly or tools are required, easy to use and fast to deploy, built for emergencies.
  • Strong and durable escape ladder, slip-resistant rungs provide a steady foothold, can escape quickly and easily.
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