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Fiberglass Chopsticks

$12.74 $14.99
Fiberglass Chopsticks
Fiberglass Chopsticks
$12.74 $14.99

Hiware 10-Pairs Fiberglass Chopsticks - Reusable Chopsticks Non-slip Design, Multi-colored

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These are fantastic Fiberglass Chopsticks in every way. I love the texture at the tips which makes them easy to use and to pick up the food. We recently bought some other very disappointing chopsticks that not only were very slippery, but also came to a dramatic point at the tips, which makes it harder to use them, particularly for noodles. These definitely slim down towards the tips like any chopsticks,

But they don’t get so narrow that they are difficult to use. In addition they are just heavy enough to feel really nice in your hands without being laborious.

They are a beautiful rich and lustrous color and have beautiful detail at the top. All in all I would highly recommend these chopsticks. When the order arrived, it also came with a hand written note from one of the members of the family-owned company, which added such a nice touch to the whole experience of buying these. Great purchase!

Promised Review By Becky Billock
  • high-temperature resistant
  • fiberglass which is durable
  • rice or noodles
  • ​Anti-skid tips and anti-rolling body
  • smooth and elegantly designed
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