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Fenchilin Hollywood Makeup Mirror

Fenchilin Hollywood Makeup Mirror
Fenchilin Hollywood Makeup Mirror

Hansong Bluetooth Mirror Vanity Makeup with Lights,Hollywood Lighted Mirror with 3 Color Lighting Modes for Tabletop Mirror & Wall Mounted,15pcs Dimmable Bulbs,USB Outlet and Smart Touch Control

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Fenchilin Hollywood Makeup Mirror is the best product. I’m so in loveeeee with this thing!!!!! I can’t believe I didn’t invest in something like this sooner! Although it’s a bit smaller than expected I think it’s actually perfect!

I was actually pretty surprised wjth how it came because it was packaged so securely. It came in it’s own box so I knew what it was (not wrapped in an amazon box). It was packed with a very thick styrofoam casing so of course nothing came broken inside.

I’m so glad when I opening it, nothing was broken so A plus for shipping and handling!!!!!

My original plan for this was to hang it up against my wall but when I carried it, this buggah is heavy AF. Although it does come with screws I don’t think it’s a great idea to permanently hang it up on my wall. It does have 3 light settings that does dim if you hold onto the light icon.

I did have an issue with it switching settings but I unplugged it and it reset itself. The light does not switch off so I do find myself having to unplug the cord to the outlet just because I do like my room to be pitch black. Any form of light will awaken me, I’m sort of a light sleeper.

There is that option of Bluetooth! Which is fricken awesome!!!!!! I connect my iPad to it and my iPhone and it’s sooooooo cool! The speaker volume and bass sound is amazing.

When I’m watching shows on my iPad I connect it there and it’s as if I’m watching it on my TV. The sound quality is amazing! So I’m so happy with this purchase overall.

Definitely worth it if you’re into doing your makeup like me and need a mirror to look into every day.

Promised Review By Miach Gay – Ya
  • Mirror to make the work area brighter and easier to use
  • and make free calls during makeup time
  • Ajustable brightnees is meet to your personal makeup requriement.
  • left button for changing lights color