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Family Hand Casting Kit

Family Hand Casting Kit
Family Hand Casting Kit

XL Hand Casting Kit for Families, Up to 6 Hands (Adults and Children) | Hand Hold Mold Plaster Casting DIY Keepsake Hands Sculpture Kit

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Family Hand Casting Kit is very nice product. I wish the bucket had been a TINY bit deeper (my dad has big hands) but for the price this kit was extremely fun and worked perfectly. The instructions were step-by-step and super clear. They include all the tools for you, and they even give you a little mini testing kit so you can practice your technique beforehand.

My family runs with the wolves so we dove into the main event right away like idiots, but it was nice to have that option, and you can use it for a mini casting project afterwards. If you follow the instructions to the letter, you get a product that looks REALLY nice — you just can’t lose confidence in that bucket like my mother almost did. Keep your hands in there and stick it out and the solution WILL do its job.

I really recommend this, it was an absolute blast. Our finished product looks exactly like I hoped it’d look. Take the plunge and try this out with your family. Failure or success, it’s a fun memory to make with them.

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