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Face Shields With Glasses Frame

Face Shields With Glasses Frame
Face Shields With Glasses Frame

Unique Gadgets & Toys Safety Goggle Face Shield, 5 Pack Clear Anti-Fog Face Visor Protect Eyes and Face from Droplet (GlassesShield_A_5Pack)

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Face Shields With Glasses Frame is very unique product. I do software and database development, which involves staring at computer screens (dual) all day. I needed a super clear face shield because my employer required either a mask or face shield while being in our cubicles. The cheap one we were given was so uneven it caused a headache in 10 minutes.

The reviews for this were very good, but none really mentioned computer use. I am thankful for all who posted pictures of them in use. I know about the protective film on both sides, and it is true that one side comes off easily and the other is much tougher. Using a small pocket knife edge to get separation is the easiest.

I bought the 5-pack because it was a no-brainer price-wise, and once they came they went right to work (literally). They are so light that I keep forgetting they are on and bump my water bottle into the front :P. Which brings up cleaning them. Don’t use a regular washcloth or tissue. Use a lens cleaner or alcohol and move in vertical motions. The shields do get small scratches in them.

I have been using mine for weeks now, 7-8 hours a day, and they are great. Easy to read the screen, including small text, pictures, etc. They are WAY cooler than a mask, and if you can have a fan near you the air flow is wonderful. I recommended them to coworkers, and now at least 3-4 others are using them as well. When the first shield gets too scratched up, I will just use the second one because I have 5! I plan on having these for the corona long haul.

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