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External CD Drives

External CD Drives
External CD Drives

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External CD Drives wonderful. Even though optical discs are on their way out, sooner or later you’re going to end up with a CD/DVD disc in your hands and wished you had a way to read it. Maybe you need to install Windows 10 from a DVD, or need to reinstall a driver and all you have is the software CD. Maybe grandma wants to loan you one of her sweet, old DVD movies. Whatever the reason, having an external optical drive stored in the office is a very good idea.

This ROOFULL CD/DVD external drive has a very well-thought-out design, and is the best external drive I’ve seen in years. The attached cable supports the latest USB-C, USB 3.0 (even older USB 2.0) and it stores away neatly in a groove on the underside so there’s no possibility of losing it. Brilliant!

The drive requires no drivers to work in Windows 10 (just plug it in). To use it as a burner you can install the free burning utility available from the Microsoft Store on Win10, or download any one of a plethora of free burning software utilities available on the Internet.

The drive reads and writes to optical discs splendidly.

As impressive as the drive is, the protective case is what blew me away (OMG)! The shell is made of durable materials, the inside has lots of foam padding to protect the drive, there’s a side storage compartment, and it has custom zipper pulls. Oh if only other electronics manufacturers included such well made protective case with their products. I was so impressed.

So, for something that, admittedly, I will probably use a few times per year, I am extremely happy with this product. When you need something stored away “just in case”, it’s nice to be prepared with a solution that you know is going to take care of you when you need it the most.

Promised Review By Chris
  • Designed for Most Computers
  • Stable & Reliable Performance
  • Portable & Safe
  • The USB port or self-powered USB hub
  • Shockproof bubble provides comprehensive protection
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