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Exploding Picture Box

Exploding Picture Box
Exploding Picture Box

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I used Exploding Picture Box to propose to my girlfriend and she absolutely loved it! She literally carries the box around with her everywhere we go now so that she can show it to all of our friends. At first, it took all four of our hands to get all of the lids back on, but with all of the practice closing it back up, she can do it by herself now.

Walmart prints 4″x6″ photos for $0.25ea, so I was able to print all of my photos for just a few bucks total. The hardest part was getting everything printed in the correct sizes. I used Microsoft PowerPoint to accurately size the images and lay them out on 4″x6″ slides. Then I saved each slide as a 4″x6″ image. At first, the images saved at a very low resolution, so I had to change a Windows registry key to increase the image resolution (Google it).

The image sizes that I used (which I set in PowerPoint) were: 4.5″x3.5″; 3.75″x2.9″; 3.25″x2.38; 2.75″x2″

I didn’t use the smallest box, but it was removable, so that worked out perfectly. I just taped on the heart that came with the box, picked up some ribbon from Michaels to make a simple bow, and voilà!

Promised Review By Matt Sears
  • Ideal gift for anniversary and birthday
  • Store and share your memories in a beautiful and unique way
  • Make your event memorable
  • Unique Design – The gift box with 6 faces and 5 layers can unfold a layer by a layer
  • Decorated with ribbon and heart shaped card
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Just paste your favorite photo and that’s it
  • Package: 1 Finished product explosion box +9 organ cards + 2 DIY cardboard+1 double-sided tape + 2 small daisies fake flowers + 1 * sticker+ 1 * corner sticker + 1 * ribbon
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