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Exotic Jerky Sampler

Exotic Jerky Sampler
Exotic Jerky Sampler

Chef's Cut Ultimate Sampler - Biltong, Beef, Chicken, Turkey (8 Pack)

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Exotic Jerky Sampler is a very nice product. One of my all-time favorite jerky’s out there that leaves you wanting more. When I buy Chef’s Cut jerky, I almost always buy in bulk because I eat through them more than I should. This time they had added the Biltong ones. I wasn’t much of a fan of those, but, this is my taste and opinion.

The flavors are so varied, and they almost melt in your mouth. The meat isn’t as tough as other jerky’s making it an easier eating experience, not like other jerky’s where you are chewing for 10 mins just to get through one portion. Besides the Biltong samplers, I prefer all the others. If you want flavorful, delicious, and an easy-going treat.

Get yourself a sampler and see which one you like but, be careful not to eat it all in one sitting or else it is back to buying more! My only gripe with this sampler pack is, that it is a bit pricey.

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