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Encrypted USB Flash Drive

Encrypted USB Flash Drive
Encrypted USB Flash Drive

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This is a rather hefty 32 GB portable Encrypted USB Flash Drive. I did test to make sure that all sectors were writable, and the writing is consistently fine with readable results in the unencrypted mode. You can actually use this without encryption, and it would just be a heavier drive than usual.

However, the selling point is that it has a fairly straightforward encryption protocol. The setup is pretty straightforward under power from the USB port. The password is a number that you set yourself, and it works regardless of which operating system you plug this into (tried this on both a Windows system and a Debian Linux one). Writing and reading from the encrypted drive is seamless when this is setup, but if you try to plug in without the password, it just looks like one massive file that seems not to be readable. The encryption penalty is about 1/3 of the writing and reading speed, which is understandable considering that the encryption processing is done on the USB and not on the computer side.

Also, I also did an idiotic thing during the setup and locked myself out of the drive. Using the support process, I was able to get a dynamic password to reset the drive. The support process does work.

Promised Review By Rich P
  • Increase the security of your data
  • A usb that comes with military grade AES XTS 256-bit hardware encryption
  • Secure your data from theft and illegal use
  • Can work with any OTG and USB port interface
  • No installion needed
  • Easy to start using and working
  • Water-proof and dust-proof, portable rounded design with high-end chip makes it as a great choice for working in government, finance, R & D institution and business.
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