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Employee Time Tracking Software

Employee Time Tracking Software
Employee Time Tracking Software

Timedox Silver Snow WiFi Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock Bundle, Including Software, 0 NO Monthly Fees, 180 Days Live Support, Free Unlimited Backup and Storage, 2-Yr Warranty

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Employee Time Tracking Software is very nice product. I have 2 brunches installed one in LA second in NY. Soon we will need 6, People with the company “red carpet service” everything was set up for us before it arrived.  no technical skills required.

It’s an easy and beautifully installed 5 volts adapter. It’s worked in 2 locations flawlessly for a month now. If your fingers aren’t being read correctly you may want to use the amazing face recognition it is much smarter you get 100% readings on your employee’s registration, The learning curve is the hardest part.

even if your staff is full of 75-year-olds it works great for them. Their support is another reason why I am here telling people why I like the units. They answer questions and are adding features all the time. This company supports their products  . It’s a fine solution for small, medium, and large enterprise

Promised Review by Sara
  • Download data automatically using WiFi
  • One touch fingerprint verification
  • Package includes Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock