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Emergency Job Site Lighting

Emergency Job Site Lighting
Emergency Job Site Lighting

Luna Tech, Sportsman Field Light, 2000 Lumens, Rechargeable, Waterproof, Dual Magnetic Swivel Base, Emergency Repair/Job Site Lighting

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We received Emergency Job Site Lighting rad little light yesterday but I didn’t unwrap it immediately. Last night, our dogs started going CRAZY out on the property. My husband asked me if I had a flashlight. I said no, but maybe this might work. I unwrapped this task lightly and praise the Lord, it was charged! I handed it to him and even he exclaimed “wow! that’s bright!” He went outside with it and quickly located the porcupine our dogs had treed. Little porky waddled away unharmed as we called off our dogs and my, usually pessimistic husband came in, exclaiming what a great light this was! Upon further inspection today, I have to agree. It’s compact-6 inches across. Super bright-2,000 lumens. The base is magnetic and swivels to focus the light where it needs to be. You do not need a cord to have this light work. But it does come with a 16′ cord that CHARGES this beauty. The light will work plugged or unplugged. With a charge, this light will last 6 hours and the unit is waterproof. There is also a gauge on the back that shows how much the unit is charged. I figure we will use this anytime we have company at night and we are outside playing baseball or volleyball and need light. We’ll use it when our “fix-it” project runs overtime and we run out of daylight. So many neat little reasons to keep this compact and handy light ready to make your life easier for you!

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  • #1 Bright light
  • #2 Dual power
  • #3 5. 5 hrs Runtime
  • #4 Dual magnetic swivel base
  • #5 Lightweight aluminum
  • #6 Rechargeable & Waterproof