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Electronic Brake Control

Electronic Brake Control
Electronic Brake Control

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My 2016 Ram 1500 Hemi Lonestar didn’t come with the integrated Electronic Brake Control. After searching all the RAM forums and studying Amazon reviews, I decided on Tekonsha P3 controller, and not to shell out the $440.00 my local dealership quoted to install the OEM. There’s one video currently on YouTube that gives a breakdown how to remove the full-length center console to install the OEM controller, but even then, you still have to have the dealer flash the computer so it all works together, and all the functions appear on the screen above the steering column. Some people are okay with this but decided on the Tekonsha path myself.

I knew I wanted a clean and minimally invasive install, so a little thought was needed to snug it up to my center console. In order to mount the controller, you have to have enough room to tighten the screws on either side. Instead, I used two very thin diameter toggle bolts I had leftover, put them through the controller bracket with washers, screwed controller to the bracket, pushed the thin bolts through pre-drilled holes I made and screwed the wings on from under the dash with some washers. This may not be the ideal way, but it worked great for me. All I can say is use this idea and improve upon it. 🙂

I might add before I started my project, I checked under the dash for the two factory-installed connectors wrapped in foam tape. They’re literally just hanging there and simple to find. This made it as easy as mount controller, plug n’ play. The total install for me was about 30 minutes cause I was being careful.

After installing, it dawned on me there is no on / off switch. Back to the reviews and forums, I went. Turns out there’s controversy on this and whether it goes into a sleep mode or not. In my case, I checked 20 minutes later and the screen was blank as shown in the picture. Starting the truck or touching a button wakes it up. Some reports from others are the opposite, and the controller stays on. Either way, the power draw from the device is so little, it would take months to drain one’s battery.

Setting up the controller for your trailer is pretty straight forward. As far as function, I’ll be putting it to work next weekend for our 7,600-pound travel trailer. Just follow the directions, and you should be all good.

I hope this helps, and safe towing!

Promised Review By Greg W
  • A distinct, easy-to-read LCD display with multiple screen color
  • Diagnostics show output current
  • Boost feature allows for different levels of customized braking
  • Integrated Plug-N-Play port for 2-plug adapters
  • Compact, dash-hugging design
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