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Electric Wine Bottle Opener

$14.99 $17.99
Electric Wine Bottle Opener
Electric Wine Bottle Opener
$14.99 $17.99

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Electric Wine Bottle Opener !! At first, I thought mine was broken but I was doing it wrong!

1. Cut the wrapper with the cutter that it comes with (little loop hooked onto the back of the charger stand).

2. PUSH DOWN ON THE WINE OPENER WITH PRESSURE while pressing the down arrow button as you hold the bottle as well.

3. Once the wine opener feels a little loose, that means the cork is out.

4. Remove the wine opener to reveal the open bottle.

5. Press the upward arrow to release to cork.


Promised Review By Yordana
  • Free your hands from wires
  • Do the opening in seconds and in style
  • 6-8 hours per charge
  • Can open up to 30 in a charge
  • Ergonomics applied for comfortable use
  • recharging base
  • stylish looking design for parties and get together