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Electric Motorcycle For Adults

Electric Motorcycle For Adults
Electric Motorcycle For Adults

Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with LED light, Portable and Powerful, White and Black

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Electric Motorcycle For Adults is very unique product. The first 1KM limits your speed… It tilts backwards to intentionally limit your ability to accelerate. Just be aware of that so you dont think its malfunctioning or fall off when it tilts back.

This doesn’t go very fast.. Only 10 mph. Every time you hit the speed limit it beeps which is annoying. Lots of safety features built-in so this seems like a great choice for new adult riders that dont need the speed of a unicycle.

The initial setup requires a Bluetooth connection between your phone and the Ninebot S… it asked for a password to connect via Bluetooth.. which I just ‘x’ed out of because there is no password.. and it still worked fine.. one of the issues I have with it is it automatically brakes and tilts back when you exceed the speed limit of 10 miles an hour, which seems incessant and inevitable on this…

it can be potentially dangerous as the steering bar can tilt behind your knees and you’re unable to steer in certain situations when it does this… But the speed limit and auto braking aside, it’s absolutely fantastic!!! The build quality is awesome. I use it everyday now to get to work.

The range is fantastic, and it charges fast. I see this and future iterations as the future of urban individual transportation without a doubt.

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  • Ninebot S meets high standards
  • Sturdy & Powerful
  • Road Adaptive Design
  • Intelligent App Management