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Electric Knife Sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpener
Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef'sChoice Hone Electric Knife Sharpener for 15 and 20-degree Knives 100% Diamond Abrasive Stropping Precision Guides for Straight and Serrated Edges, 3-Stage, Gray

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Received this Electric Knife Sharpener July 24th 2014. Couldn’t wait to test out the 1520 on some of my knives of yesteryear. I have knives from graduate school, when I was a young pup, which could have been used as spoons- very glad I hung on to them. I have a Chicago cutlery 7 inch knife that was in this category and is now almost as good as my Global G-46 (oh! And btw if you want a knife that is truly outstanding and will be squabbled over by your heirs it is the G-46 – another review for later!)

The 1520 worked wonders on the knives that I sharpened.

I took about 30 minutes for 8 knives (after I had read through the instruction manual). I started out by trying to cut a piece of printer/copier paper – the Global G-46 knife which is about a year old and the massive Lamson-Goodnow knife were able to cut the paper.

I also used a plum (no tomatoes). Only the G-46 was able to cut the thinnest slice off the plum.

A couple of others could cut thicker slices and some couldn’t cut through a plum without crushing it significantly! The goal with a very sharp knife is to get me a slice off a plum (or tomato) that is thinner than a sheet of paper.

At the end of this first foray into knife sharpening every single knife I sharpened with the 1520 could cut the perfect slice off a plum.

A very good product with a minor issue! More about this at the bottom

The device is “assembled in U.S.A”. Not sure if that is a euphemism for packaged in a box here in the states! Comes with a 3 year warranty

A couple of provisos: you CANNOT sharpen ceramic knives or scissors with this.

The instruction manual is well written and lucid – a rarity in our age. It may be available on their website (can’t link to one for you – amazon deletes the link!).

There are six grooves, in three groups, that are available for sharpening knives. The first group is for Asian knives (like the Global G-46). The second is for American and European knives. The last group is for the final honing and polishing after you are done with group 1 or group 2.

Each group has two grooves. Think of each groove as a v shaped piece of plastic you put your knife into and pull through. Most knives have a left side of the blade and a right side. You alternate between the groove, first pulling through the left groove and then the right, within each group.

I took the Chicago cutlery knife (mentioned earlier) and decided to try and convert it into an Asian blade (If you look at a knife as you are cutting something, the very top of the blade is blunt and thick, the sharp edge forms the bottom and tapers. The taper is 15 degrees for most Asian knives.

American and European knives have a 20 degree taper. Asian blades tend to be sharper but thinner because of the difference in the taper.) In about 5 minutes it was razor sharp and now had the 15 degree taper. I was frankly very surprised that I got the perfect edge where none had existed for over 14 years.

A negative: The grooves are plastic and I found that by the time the knives were on the honing wheel they were cutting into the plastic that forms the wall of the grooves.

The actual sharpening occurs in the valley of the groove and there is no plastic there. Still I had to be careful when inserting the knives into the grooves so as not to keep cutting the plastic as I pulled it through.

You may want to do a search for Chef’s choice 115 as well – not sure if it offers the two different knife type options (Asian & European).

Promised Review By genesrus
  • 3-Stage AngleSelect system for optimum versatility in providing
  • perfect edges for each type of knife: kitchen, sports, pocket, and serrated knives
  • 100% diamond abrasives for sharpening and honing
  • Patented flexible stropping/polishing disks for an upper sharp
  • microscopically flawless polished edge
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