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Electric Air Pump

$23.99 $26.99
Electric Air Pump
Electric Air Pump
$23.99 $26.99

Electric Air Pump, AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump with 3 Nozzles, 110V AC/12V DC, Perfect Inflator/Deflator Pumps for Outdoor Camping, Inflatable Cushions, Air Mattress Beds, Boats, Swimming Ring

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Loved finding this great little Electric Air Pump. and I was sold on it because it included both the regular electrical 110 plug and the car/cigarette lighter adapter.

I really put it to the test on our camping trip over Labor Day weekend, when we aired up this giant swan island that seats six people (is 15 feet long) plus 3 other “extra large” floaties (two swans and a “rainbow sparkle island”) much quicker than expected, and I still used it to air up three air mattresses later.

Works fabulously and had every attachment I needed. Loved it, and the price was right. If it could improve, it would be for the attachments to fit the air intake so they could be used to deflate as well. It’s fabulous overall, though. I still give it five stars.

Promised Review By MrsMelody
  • Powerful inflatable mattress pump with deflator function
  • 3 Nozzles to Choose
  • The pumps are small and lightweight
  • Making it convenient to use it indoor and outdoor