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Echelon Smart Connect Bike

Echelon Smart Connect Bike
Echelon Smart Connect Bike

Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bikes

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Echelon Smart Connect Bike is very nice product. The bike is surprisingly sturdy and incredibly quiet, I made a mod to fit the iPhone underneath the iPad and it works really nice, also I made that little conversion table for classes online since they always show either bars or they say “Adjust your resistance to 40%” or whatever and you’re wondering huh??, well that little table works excellent.

The looks awesome, easy to set up and overall for $500 is definitely the bike to get, I did a research for what bike to get that will get as close to the Peloton bike and let me tell you, this is the bike you want well unless you’re rich then yea get the Peloton but ultimately both do the exact same with just one difference, obviously you’re not in the leaderboard of the app and no remote control from the instructor on live classes (to me that’s fine). Definitely an awesome bike!

Promised Review by Carlos Barrientos
  • This bike is designed for everyone and every home
  • 32 levels of silent precise resistance lets you vary your workout intensity
  • With a membership you get live and on-demand