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Easy Hidden Bookshelf Door

Easy Hidden Bookshelf Door
Easy Hidden Bookshelf Door

TamBee Door Pivot Hinges Heavy Duty Hinges for Wood Doors 360 Degree Shaft Stainless Steel Pivot Hinge System

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Easy Hidden Bookshelf Door is very nice product. I have always wanted to do a secret entrance door for my man cave but premade murphy doors are way too expensive. I used this hinge along with some wood I had in my garage and made my own murphy door/shelf.

The pictures speak for themselves. The hinge is super sturdy. This was built in an existing doorway. I used about an 8th of an inch gap on the top and the bottom of the shelf that I custom made for the existing opening.

The opening and closing of the hinge are silky smooth and totally silent. I couldn’t be more happy with the results.

Promised Review by ManOfManyInterests
  • Excellent pivot set option when door weight stress on traditional door frame butt hinges is a concern
  • Enables a doorway that pivots from a point on the floor under the door’s center instead of from hinges on the side of a door frame
  • Allows for alternative to a traditional door whether function, design, door weight, space or style are the issue