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Dust Cleaning Gel

Dust Cleaning Gel
Dust Cleaning Gel

FiveJoy Car Cleaning Gels, 4-Pack Universal Auto Detailing Tools Car Interior Cleaner Putty, Dust Cleaning Mud for PC Tablet Laptop Keyboard, Air Vents, Camera, Printers, Calculator - 320g (3oz/pcs)

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Dust Cleaning Gel Loved these gels. Super easy to use and cheap as compared to others. They don’t smell bad at all. Just be aware you might only get a couple uses out of them. As they collect more dirt and germs, they will get opaque.

If, after using, they are kept in their bag, they will get slimy. Just toss and move one. Be aware of what materials you are trying to clean. Some fabrics will stick. I found out because I didn’t know about some felt in a compartment. It’s all good.

Let it dry and scrape it off. Works on leather and all plastic or metal areas.

Promised Review by David Brown
  • Universal Cleaning Gels
  • Easy To Use
  • Safe & Eco-Friendly
  • Reusable & Easier Storage
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