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Dry Cleaning Clothes Machine

Dry Cleaning Clothes Machine
Dry Cleaning Clothes Machine

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Love this machine don’t care what anyone says

I saved so much money on gas and paying for dry cleaning so far I’ve had it for a year and still works great for me it does not clean stains that’s what a clothes washer is used for but it does a hell of a job ironing your clothes and makes them look new and fresh

I usually spray clothes with water before using and when I’m out the lil packs thing u put in i usually just use an old one and fill it with water

Down part is it only good for one item at a time but I’m still giving it 5 stars for the gas and money I saved

Just go for it it’s well worth buying ?

Promised Review By Ed tomas
  • A care system that takes care of your clothes
  • Every time it makes look your cloth great and new
  • A 10 minute tour removes every unwanted thing
  • De wrinkles, refreshes, restores, and preserves clothes
  • Save time and money of dry cleaning
  • Compact design can be places in bedroom or closet
  • Easy to run and use
  • Need nothing to install just plug and play
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