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Drop Down Hidden Gun Shelf

Drop Down Hidden Gun Shelf
Drop Down Hidden Gun Shelf

VERPROOF Gun Safe Quick Access Handgun Firearm Safes for Pistols Drop Down Single Gun Safety for Nightstand Wall Mount Bedside Desk Vehicle Bed Personal Safe with Keypad Lock and Key Lock

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Drop Down Hidden Gun Shelf is very nice product. What I like is when someone has a product, that does exactly what other products do, for a much better price. This fast opening pistol safe is exactly what I wanted and the finish and functionality is great.

Great tactile feedback on the keys and holds multiple sized pistols. Everything works great so far. I was not paid to leave this review nor did i receive this product for free. However if they offered me a free one for my honest review I wouldn’t object because I’d love to have another one for the basement.

It’s so nice having pistols locked up close by to protect your family knowing that they are safe. Thanks!

Promised Review by Dave Lucas
  • Single Pistol Safe
  • Desk Gun Storage
  • Quick Access Pistol Safe
  • Simple Programming