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Dorman Window Lift Motor

Dorman Window Lift Motor
Dorman Window Lift Motor

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Dorman Window Lift Motor to good: Replaced a very slow/stopping window motor in my 2003 Chevy cavalier. For $22 it was a great deal. It took about 1 1/2hr to complete the job. Not an easy job but not too bad either. The original rivots holding everything to the door must be drilled or ground off. I chose to grind them off. Getting the entire assembly out of the door is a challenge. This kit is nice because it has all the nuts/bolts to reattach the window assembly back to the door. Getting the bolts aligned is a challenge also. Their is a bracket riveted to the motor that has to removed from the bad motor and reattached to the new one. I had to use my own bolts/nuts (3total)for that part. I had replaced one of these previously, so I knew what I was in for. Well worth the effort in my opinion. Now I have a working window for $22.

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  • Stringently tested for fit and function before being included in our product line
  • A quality part backed by a Dorman limited lifetime warranty
  • 100 percent new units
  • Direct fit wiring harness – no wire splicing necessary
  • Quality tested for durability and performance
  • OE: 2203970
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