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Dog Safety Seat Belt

Dog Safety Seat Belt
Dog Safety Seat Belt

PetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness, Adjustable Crash-Tested Dog Harness, Car Safety Seat Belt Tether Included

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Dog Safety Seat Belt is great; When purchasing a car harness for your pet, I found the process to be daunting. All I saw were bad reviews. One isn’t as good as the one before it. The other one is dangerous or doesn’t fit or whatever. It was so negative that I almost didn’t buy one, but I bought this one over the way it looked and how I thought it might fit my boy, Gumbo.

Literally the same day it arrived, we left for a 7 day trip in the car. Fortunately, Gumbo is pretty chilled about things like this and wore it just fine from the get go.

It did great!! Thankfully, I have not been in an accident with it, but I have been in traffic where I needed to hit the brakes pretty quickly and it holds him perfectly in position in the back seat.

He can stand, lay, sit or even come up and stick his head up near me for a petting very easily. But when the brakes are hit and the seatbelt inertia mechanism is deployed, he stays where he is.

It was a bit unclear to me how it all worked. You put the harness on the dog. Then you strap the strap to the part of your seatbelt that covers your chest when it is in place. You put the seatbelt in the closed, locked position and the other end of the strap has a spring-loaded D ring closure. That goes through the nylon straps atop the vest.

Overall, this is easy to use and seems very secure in keeping Gumbo in place if I have to stop quickly. I have a car with a fairly small back seat and he is a 60 pound poodle, and we’re good. He likes it and so do I.

Happy travels!

After a full year, this is still a great harness for Gumbo. All the negative reviews must be either from people who work for the other manufacturer of these, or maybe they just have too much time on their hands. If I hit a brick wall at 70 mph, I doubt this harness will save my dog. That is NOT why I bought it. I bought it for quick stops in traffic and such. Gumbo is lanky and somewhat prone to getting tossed around in the back seat. He has come to learn that when he has his harness on, he can fully lean forward and not worry about getting tossed into the floorboard on a quick stop. I recommend this product more than ever before after a year. I do not work for the Solvit company and I have not been given a penny from them. I am a consumer just like the rest of you.

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