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Dog Food Storage Container

Dog Food Storage Container
Dog Food Storage Container

OurPets Big Bone Dog Toy, Dog Food & Dog Toy Box Storage Container (Perfect Dog Storage Bin for Toys, Dog Food, Dog Treats, Dog Toys, Dog Balls – the Ultimate Dog Storage Container & Dog Toy Basket)

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We bought this Dog Food Storage Container for our dog, Chunky Monkey, at Christmas. I was reluctant to purchase it at first just because I didn’t know how much it would hold and given the price,

I didn’t want something that only half her toys fit in.

BUT I ordered it anyway and was not disappointed at all!

The inside is huge!! We had all her “babies” in a basket about 12″x12″x8″ and they barely covered the bottom of this toy box! The “shell” of the toybox is maybe 0.25″ thick and the rest is toy space! It is very very sturdy and has stood the test of four months’ time in our eleven cats, one dog, and a toddler home, which is saying a lot!

I hot glued (for extra strength) scrapbooking stickers to spell out her name on the top of the box for a bit of personality πŸ™‚

The color of the box is actually more of a grayish color (think very very pale chicken bones)and the top has a raised bone-shaped handle. It closes very sturdily, our toddler can barely open it by himself so it would probably keep prying paws at bay.

It’s absolutely adorable and well worth the money. It would probably hold up quite well outside too. I don’t think it would be air-tight enough for food storage unless you kept the food or treats inside an air-tight Ziploc bag or something.

It is super cute and a must for any spoiled four-legged babies πŸ™‚

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