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Dog Fence Surge Protector

Dog Fence Surge Protector
Dog Fence Surge Protector

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These things work! Dog Fence Surge Protector ! I had several transmitter boxes fried by lightning during storms. After installing the previous PerSafe surge suppressor I went 8+ years without event. It weathered all summer storms and kept on ticking. Recently a bolt of lightning struck “very close” to our house. The flash and boom were simultaneous. It killed the power to our entire neighborhood. Unfortunately the old surge suppressor was a victim of that strike. I replaced it with the new unit and all is well. No damage to the transmitter and most importantly no damage to our home wiring.

I highly recommend this for anyone living in an area where thunderstorms are common.

Promised Review By John
  • Protect the In-Ground feces
  • Save your pets from electric shocks
  • Protects from all kind of surges and spikes
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a full usage guide
  • Customer support through call or email available
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