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Dog Bunk Beds With Stairs

Dog Bunk Beds With Stairs
Dog Bunk Beds With Stairs

PetFusion Multi-Purpose Pet Stairs, Foldaway Cat & Dog Steps. Ottoman & Dog Toy Basket & Storage, Great Dog & Cat Window Perch (18x18x18”) Perfect Pet Steps for Couch, Bed, or Window. 1 Year Warr

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Dog Bunk Beds With Stairs is very nice product. I got these stairs when my puppy, Piper, was about 12 weeks old (first photo). She’s almost 14 weeks now (other photos), so I’ve had them for about a week and a half now. The quality is fantastic, and my pup loves them! It’s sturdy enough to support my weight while I sit on the edges of the top, but I don’t try to make that a habit because they’re not meant to carry my weight.

If I ever put them away (put the stairs inside the cupboard part) and I’m up on the bed, she starts to cry. She loves having the freedom to go up and down as she pleases. And it makes my life easier too since I work nights, I sleep during the morning and some afternoon while my boyfriend works out of our room. He can’t always pay attention to her very closely, and she loves being close to me, but she doesn’t like being trapped on the bed either.

So I can sleep, and he can work and occasionally check in on her while she entertains herself. It’s a win-win! I also love the storage bin it comes with. It makes putting away toys, chews, and treats very easy, and it looks very nice. The portability of the bin makes it easy to bring wherever I need it, whether it be to a friend’s house while we visit, or just downstairs.

Finally, the assembly process was very easy and simple. It came mostly put together, we just had to put the feet, handle, and stair coverings on, and we put the divider and base in the storage bin. That was just about it!

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