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Diy Miniature Dollhouse Kit

Diy Miniature Dollhouse Kit
Diy Miniature Dollhouse Kit

Spilay Dollhouse DIY Miniature Wooden Furniture Kit,Mini Handmade Big Japanese Courtyard Model Plus with LED & Music Box ,1:24 Scale Creative Doll House Toys for Adult Gift

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Diy Miniature Dollhouse Kit project was a blast to work on! It was actually my first minature build and it was definitely more involved than I thought it would be, but I had a great time working on it. I decided I needed a quarantine project since we’ve been stuck at home all the time, and man did I get my money’s worth. I’ll definitely be buying more from this seller.

Once I got about halfway through, I realized I was missing a piece and contacted the seller for help. They responded so quickly and mailed me extras of the single post I was missing in no time. I also learned a few things along the way that I hope can help anyone else building the Yaquan Courtyard, and I have added a few pictures with corrections from the instructions booklet.

Overall though, the instructions and translations were great and easy to follow. The only thing I had a tough time with was wiring the lights at the end…

I am including a video as well, but basically, you just need to know that the white lamp wires connect to the red battery wire and the grey lamp wires connect to the black battery wire (this wasn’t included in the booklet and was discovered via trial and error). Any time you connect multiple wires to an extension wire, make sure you only connect like colored wires (white or grey) per single extension wire.

All in all I had a great time building this and cannot recommend this seller highly enough: 10/10 customer service. I will definitely be purchasing more of these miniatures from Spilay. Thanks!

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  • Assembled Yourself
  • The dollhouse miniature scale of 1:24
  • Music box and LED
  • Perfect and meaningful festival gift
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