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Diy Guinea Pig Cage

$62.99 $89.99
Diy Guinea Pig Cage
Diy Guinea Pig Cage
$62.99 $89.99

Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

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We read up thoroughly on this Diy Guinea Pig Cage before purchasing, and when we received them and set them up (which was very quick and easy to do!) it was exactly what was expected from the listing! We started out ordering 3 of them, but got a 4th since one of our pigs has a crazy amount of energy and we wanted to make sure that she had enough room to run.

We weren’t sure about using fleece (thinking that it must smell horrible!), but it’s working out wonderfully. We have a layer of puppy training pads on the bottom of the cages with one layer of absorbable fleece on top of that and one more layer of colored fleece (that we sweep up and change every day) on top of that, and we only have to clean the cages thoroughly once a week.

Which only takes about 20 minutes to do! The cages are great because you can attached them all together, or keep them separate! My pig, Esther, doesn’t get along with the other pigs, but she can still socialize and be close to the others without getting into trouble. The other 4 pigs have three cages that they can run around and pop in, one of which has shavings in it, which is where we put their food hay (it keeps the fleece much cleaner!).

All together, we are extremely happy with the cages! They’re working out even better than expected and our pigs LOVE them 🙂 I would highly recommend to any pig owners!

Promised Review by Green Gel
  • Provides 8 square feet of living area
  • Fully removable wire mesh
  • Durable, leak-proof, washable
  • 14 inches high sides
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