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Disposable Face Mask

Disposable Face Mask
Disposable Face Mask

Jointown Face Mask, Pack of 50 (5081)

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I bought Disposable Face Mask for myself a box of these because they were available after being forced into the world with just a scarf and gloves and feeling very unsafe because people don’t seem to be able to grasp DISTANCE. I grabbed a box for my parents as well because they are elderly. The worst that could happen would be I wasted some money. These were the only masks available at the time. (More on that below)

THE GOOD NEWS: 1) They arrived days before they were “due.” Faster than Amazon has gotten me anything in over a year. 2) They are 3-ply, like the page shows, and they are basic 1-use, disposable masks for general use (not medical, nothing fancy, but exactly what a person running errands or picking up things from the drive through, walking the dog, etc might require.) 3) I don’t think the price is outrageous, given how expensive (and elusive – downright impossible to find) masks have been and currently still are. (I got these masks, but I cannot get toilet paper, vegetables, fruit – fresh or frozen and not even frozen pizza…)

4) Not only well-made for a disposable mask but quite comfortable – they fit over both nose and mouth, and the ear loops don’t bother me at all, even with glasses on all day too. AND THEY STAY ON, unlike some of the masks that droop and require putting your hands near your face to pull them back into place. These stay put until you take them off. I tested this by spraying one wildly with bleach, letting it dry and wearing it around my house. The rest are in quarantine for another day. But I’m thrilled with my purchase.

The bad: 1) The box is not sealed tightly or wrapped. This may be because exposure to air is a better way to ensure any germs die rather than sealing them in and keeping them alive with humidity, but you should know that the cardboard box is the only thing between the masks and the world before they get to you.

2) (not really bad, but noteworthy:) They are slightly pricey, but so is everything right now. I’ve paid more for everything recently, and why would masks be an exception? At less than a dollar per mask, it seemed worthwhile to me – enough so that I may buy another box because 50 won’t last long if we do this for the timeframes currently being noted. I don’t want to hog masks, but if people won’t buy them because of their origin, I’ll be more greedy.

FINALLY, I have something to say about Wuhan: THANK YOU FOR SELLING US MASKS. Wuhan is far away.

Even if they had COVID19 near them or an infected worker making them, given the arid nature of the packaging, the spores wouldn’t stand the time it takes for shipping, being stocked in a warehouse and then delivery to your house. I let everything “new” in my house take a 3-day break before use (food, mail, etc.)

These are as risky as anything else because we don’t have enough tests in the US and you have no idea who might be infected (that’s why it’s a global pandemic.) If you feel better not having a mask, don’t buy them, but don’t assume that because you find a mask made in the US that it’s safe — take precautions with everything. That’s how we’ll make it through this. Take care of yourself and take care of other people (perhaps by wearing a mask.) Blaming, giving 1-star ratings without purchasing or seeing the item or generally making uninformed comments doesn’t help anyone. We should remember: we’re truly all in this together.

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