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Dexmo Haptic Gloves

Dexmo Haptic Gloves
Dexmo Haptic Gloves

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Dexmo Haptic Gloves is very nice product. Disappointed by the sizing. I measured both hands and even got help with someone else verifying the measurements. Item was too large when it arrived but I needed work gloves by that point so just used them anyway. I am a right-handed, 5’2″ female with hand diameter of 7&1/4″ measured around the knuckles. The small should have fit me given the chart but the gloves are too big. The fingers are slightly too long – if I push the glove down so that my fingers are right at the bottom of the glove fingers then I have about a 1/4 – 1/2″ at the tip of each; not terrible but tends to catch on things.

The main problem is the hand area is way too big – I could literally stuff both hands into one glove there is that much room in the metacarpal area of the gloves. While this is probably good if you have large or thick hands, I do not so it made the gloves slide around way too much, both side to side and back and forth so that when the glove slides forward away from my wrist my fingers nearly are able to come out of the fingers of the glove. I am also small boned so the Velcro at the wrist has to be cinched way tight but I am used to that so expected it.

The gloves themselves are really nice and are exactly as described. The brand on the back of the glove is a thick rubber and protects your knuckles from abrasions and pinch points. The palm side is reinforced on the thumb and first 2 fingers which is exactly where you need extra material and protection. The same extra protection is sewn over the interior knuckles and at the heel of the hand. All the seams were sewn nice and flat inside and out with nothing jabbing into the hands while in the gloves especially when carrying heavy items. (I just hate gloves that have seams between the fingers that rub when you are working, lifting or carrying!)

I wish that these came in an XS as I think that would be perfect for me. I also wish that I could find a glove that is made for small handed people (i.e. many women) but is also a true “work glove” and not the thin ones so often made/advertised for women. This one is close but not quite It. This one is truly a “men’s work glove” for larger handed individuals.

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