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Detangling Brush

Detangling Brush
Detangling Brush

BESTOOL Detangling Brush for Black Natural Hair, Detangler Brush for Natural Black Hair Curly Hair Afro 3/4abc Texture, Faster n Easier Detangle Wet or Dry Hair with No Pain (Green)

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Omg, this Detangling Brush…is…amazing! Okay, maybe not amazing but pretty great. I have an extremely sensitive scalp (tender-headed) and 4C hair. Like, normally when I get my sew-in taken down at the salon, I’m that grown woman fighting back tears when they comb my hair. Then the stylist will suggest that I get a relaxer or cut my hair shorter so it will be less painful. I’ve used the Denman brush before. It still hurt even on my best days. But, it hurt less than most combs hurt.

My hair is thicckkkkkkkkkk. It is also extremely long (like I’m 5’5 and it’s all the way down to my belly button). I wear a sew-in for convenience because I hate dealing with my unruly hair. I had my sew-in a little too long because I was busy…okay more than a little but still. I knew it was going to be matted. I feared I’d have to cut it.

This saved my life! It got the mats out and only hurt a little on the most tangled parts. It still takes an extremely long time to detangle. I’ve spent 5 hours detangling it but have stopped and started a lot. But, it’s no longer an impossible task with my extremely long and thick hair.

I was able to do it myself. I plan to bring this with me to all hairstyling appointments and ask my hair stylist to use it.

The brush wasn’t perfect. It didn’t glide through as much as I would’ve liked without product, but it’s pretty sturdy. I’ve had it for a week. I also would’ve preferred another color, but that’s just me.

I will say, though, that it didn’t seem to be as effective for my sister’s 2/3 hair. She’s mixed and has curly, medium sandy brown hair that’s a lot thinner than mine. She’s 8.

I don’t know if she was being dramatic because she knew it was a different brush, but she kept saying “ouch” even when her hair was wet with product. I noticed it didn’t glide as well through her hair as a round brush. So, maybe it’s better for afro tectures than for hair that resembles caucasian hair.

Promised Review By missyj95
  • Original Detangler Brush
  • 8 flexible free comb arms with a control bar
  • Define the hair horizontally
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Detangling ability of this curly hairbrush
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