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Decorative Denture Box

Decorative Denture Box
Decorative Denture Box

Gus Craft Lavender Purple Denture Box with Simple Retrieval Tab, Great for Dental Care, Easy to Open, Store and Retrieve (Lavender Purple)

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Its a good “Decorative Denture Box” with enough room to hold the goods without taking up too much space. I gave it 4 stars because, at least when new, the shape of this container begs a slightly more tapered edge on either the lid, or the base. While it is easy to open and close, it’s shape becomes a bit of a “puzzle piece” in use. It will likely become easier with more use. If, like me, you don’t want a container with an attached hinge ( that will eventually break off/away ) this is likely what you want. It’s shape is rounded, yet fits easily into a corner of whatever storage space available. It looks good and is of robust construction. I recommend it.

Promised Review By Randy Brock
  • Optimum level of dental care with denture box
  • Hygienic, clean and safe storage
  • Can be used for fake teeth, retainers, or sports or athletic mouth guards.
  • Easy to carry due to compact design
  • Detachable rinsing basket within the box
  • Space for dripping water from dentures
  • Made of food grade material
  • Can be customized for storing pacifiers, teethers, high-finish delicate jewelry, gum shields, bite guards, night guards, and orthodontic appliances.
  • Comes in all great colors
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