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Darth Vader Legacy Lightsaber

Darth Vader Legacy Lightsaber
Darth Vader Legacy Lightsaber

Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber

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Darth Vader Legacy Lightsaber is the best product.

*It wasn’t a bunch of rocks

*It was wrapped pretty good

*They are the indeed from Galaxy Edge, No bootleg


I ordered new And well to my surprised… they aren’t 100% New. When you think New, you think of never been opened, what I got was would be under Used – Like New or Open Box, so I feel lied too but then again the description doesn’t say that the box hasn’t been open so be very aware of that. When I put my blades in the hilts they turned yellow, I thought I really got scammed but replaced the battery and good as new, so if your are thinking about picking one of these up, make sure you get the necessary batteries pending on what hilt you are getting.

And lastly the marks… they aren’t a huge deal but when you think new,you think untouched and these looked touched. Look at my photos and they have little damage, the black piece is a bit sticking out and when I got it, it was sticking out almost all the way but I pushed it in and it looks good now.

So if you are picking a Hilt up, do keep what I said in mind, I didn’t get a bunch of rocks so that’s good right? Anywho take what I said as you will and may the force be with you, always.

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  • Hilt and case only.
  • Lightsaber blade sold separately.
  • Each lightsaber comes in its original storage case
  • Recommended for ages 8+