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Cute Stickers

Cute Stickers
Cute Stickers

Cute VSCO Laptop Vinyl Stickers for Water Bottles Big 49 Pack ,Waterproof,Aesthetic,Fashion Stickers for Teens,Girls Perfect for Water Bottles,Phone,Travel Extra Durable

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Cute Stickers were part of a Christmas present for a 12 year old.

I bought them since October or so and forgot to got through to take out the ones that aren’t age-appropriate by the time Christmas rolled around. So she opened the present and then the pack with the stickers and starts to go through.

She finds the middle finger one and says ‘well that’s inappropriate’ and handed it to the closest adult lol. We all laughed because she had the exact correct reaction.

I then sat and went through them all and took out the cigarette (which I gave to her aunt who smokes) and the beer (which wasn’t too bad as there is no real drinking age where we are from) but her Mum took that one.

The 12 year old herself then gave away the Lana del Rey one (she doesn’t know who that is) and a few others but there are only those three which you will want to look out for if giving to a minor.

She immediately started sticking them to her Hydroflask and her laptop and LOVED them. Very nice gift for the VSCO girl crowd.

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  • Fashion Stickers for Teens
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