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Cremo All Season Body Wash

Cremo All Season Body Wash
Cremo All Season Body Wash

Cremo All Season Body Wash, Bourbon & Oak, 16 Fl. Oz, 2 Pack - Masculine Scent With A Tantalizing Essence Of Lively Distiller's Spices, Smoked Bourbon & Oak

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I’m going to start this review off like this Cremo All Season Body Wash: I bought the 2 pack of ‘Bourbon & Oak’. Received it.

Tried it a few times. Now making a 5 star review.

Have now bought the very same 2 pack + all other available scents offered by Cremo on amazon for body wash.

Can you see where this is going?

## Bourbon & Oak

The Bourbon & Oak scent is really nice. So nice, that I ended up ordering another 2. It’s a non-overpowering masculine, non-strong scented non-cologne-like scent – you know, like other “men” body washes for example like the AXE kind.

This one is not like that, at all. The scent notes are very accurate provided by Cremo – Bourbon & Oak – (just try to imagine) – has a very smooth, lively scent with notes of distiller’s spice, bourbon, and white oak. Just as the label described. Again not overpowering, not to little, not to much it’s just right. It hits every single one of those descriptions — dotting the i’s and crossing the T’s.

You’ll smell it on your skin after the shower, but it won’t be heavy scent. Maybe your significant other will give you a hug, or something and will smell it on your skin. This is my first time ever using Cremo brand or even trying this type of smell scent. As I mentioned earlier, I’m now buying every single scent available. $100+ happily spent. Considering you are reading these reviews, probably means you’ve never tried this brand or perhaps even the scent before – and just like me, I rely on reviews heavily when planning a purchase – so I can understand its a chance in the dark when buying something online, especially like this.

I don’t think you’ll regret it. This one is not expensive, it should be about $16 for the 2 bottles, anything more than that just wait for the price to go down. But. Just give it a try. Flavor scent notes are accurate but not overpowering. It does last several hours after your shower.

Here is the list of the other scents that I have ordered:

Seagrass & Driftwood

Cooling Citrus & Mint Leaf

Exfoliating Pacific Sea Salt & Grapefruit

Sage & Citrus

Bourbon & Oak

Citron & Vetiver

Blue Cedar & Cypress

+ another 2 orders of the Bourbon & Oak.The one scent that they have for body wash, that I could not find on amazon was the “Silver Water & Birch”, which other non-Cremo sellers have for double the price. I think when it comes to these body washes, ONLY buy directly from Cremo. And not some third-party seller, selling Cremo brand products.

But either the scent is amazing, or what, but I’m only buying directly from Cremo when it comes to these scents and body washes. I will see how the other scents are, if all is good, I’ll probably try to find there website and give the Silver Water & Birch a try.

I WILL update this review, for the other scents once I receive it and try it. But don’t just wait on my review to decide for your purchase. These bottles comes with 2 and for a very good price, it’s really hard to say no. Just take the chance, go and try it for yourself. Worst case scenario, this will make a great gift to a close friend.

Give me a “Helpful” on this review so others can see it. I will appreciate it. I’ll be back to update it with the other scents.

Promised Review By Operator
  • Evolves as you shower
  • Distinctive, crystal-clear bottle
  • All-season formula
  • Silver Water & Birch
  • Seagrass & Driftwood
  • Cooling Citrus & Mint Leaf
  • Exfoliating Pacific Sea Salt & Grapefruit
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