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Cowboy Bandana

$12.99 $15.99
Cowboy Bandana
Cowboy Bandana
$12.99 $15.99

12pcs Bandanas 22 X 22 Inch 100% Cotton Novelty Double Sided Print Paisley Cowboy Bandana Party Favor Scarf Headband Handkerchiefs

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First, recognize that these Cowboy Bandana will cost you less than $1.00 each, delivered to your door.

Then think about what you will use them for. Yes, they aren’t as heavy as bandanas for $2.50 each.

I have some more expensive bandanas too, and I like them. And I like these colorful bandanas, too. Yes, they are thinner, and need to be softened up with a wash. But for my uses, the variety of colors and the low price make these a five star purchase.

They are perfect for what I use a bandana for.

As a headband, a bandana keeps sweat out of my eyes. As a neckerchief, a bandana protects the back of my neck from sunburn in summer, and keeps we warmer in winter. In my pocket, a bandana in on hand to mop sweat from my face, cover a cough or a sneeze, or act as a handkerchief for a runny nose.

I tie one around my wrist when skiing and I have a handy cloth to wipe my nose, and an easy way for my friends to identify me among the crowds. I sometimes tie one around the brim of my sun hat for a bit of color. And on and on.

For all of these uses, these bandanas are just the ticket. I’m a happy customer.

What do you use a bandana for?

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  • Cotton Multicolor Novelty Double Sided Print Paisley Cowboy Party Bandanas
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