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Cotton Candy Machine For Kids

Cotton Candy Machine For Kids
Cotton Candy Machine For Kids

Nostalgia PCM45RR Retro Hard and Sugar Free Countertop Original Cotton Candy Maker, Includes 2 Reusable Cones and Scoop – Red

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Cotton Candy Machine For Kids thing is amazing. I don’t know how anyone is taking 20-30 minutes to make one cotton candy. If you let it heat up for like 5-10 minutes before you add sugar (like the instructions tell you to do) while you get other things ready, once it starts spitting out cotton, it goes FAST! Towards the very end of the scoop, a lot of fluff is coming at once.

For my new machine, I almost can’t keep up. If you don’t spin your wand fast enough, you’ll have a mess. We had a couple of the teal colored machines. One came new but not working. The other one worked fine. While you had to spin quickly once it got going, I don’t feel like it went as quickly as the new red one we received to replace the broken one.

Nevertheless, one scoop makes a fluff the size of my head. Somehow the red ones feels less messy than the teal one as well. Maybe that’s because I wasn’t spinning fast enough with the teal one. That would be my guess. Because if the cotton touches metal, it will melt, which is what I was having issues with. I’ve had practice now and I think I’ve got the hang of it.

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  • Flossing Sugar or Hard Candies
  • Cotton Candy Kits
  • Clear Rim Guard
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