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Cooluli Mini Fridge

Cooluli Mini Fridge
Cooluli Mini Fridge

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This Cooluli Mini Fridge has been such a hit in my office! It holds up to 6 cans or 4 water bottles (with shelf removed). I have only used it on cool, not the warming feature. I also want to take it on a road trip so I can use the car charger! That beats bringing an ice chest in the car for road trips and avoids any leaks and spills from melted ice in the car. I bought the cow print because it’s so whimsical, but I think the pink and blue ones would be adorable in a baby’s room for formula and to avoid heading to the fridge in the middle of the night, especially if you live in a 2 story house! If you give this as a baby shower gift, you will steal the show.

For the flash sale price, I thought it was totally worth it, although I haven’t owned it long enough to comment on it’s durability. So far so good, and I love it! I’m thinking of getting a second one for my bedroom/bath to keep cold water and skin care products fresh. I rarely write gushing reviews, but this is just one of those things that really impressed me. I hope you enjoy yours!

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  • A fridge by your side whenever you need it
  • Variability switch from cooling to heating and vice versa
  • A beautiful design and multiple colors that goes with everyplace
  • Thermo electric COOLING SYSTEM
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