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Cooling Mask For Face

$20.99 $22.99
Cooling Mask For Face
Cooling Mask For Face
$20.99 $22.99

ARRUSA Summer Cool Face Cover, Neck Gaiter Dust&UV-Protection Bandanas Breathable Scarf for Men&Women Outdoor Sports

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Cooling Mask For Face is the best product. OK, not all that much you can say about a piece of cloth but this one is great.

It stretches without putting any real compression on your face, the ear holes help hold it in place without feeling like it is sawing your ears off, the material is smooth as silk and amazingly breathable while still presenting a barrier to the normal everyday airborne particles that can carry a virus.

Add all that up plus I have an N95 mask that if I am going someplace really crowded I can wear under this mask with no discomfort and still look kinda cool (yes I still have a bit of ego left).

BOTTOM LINE: Everybody and their brother is trying to sell masks and face coverings, this is a quality product that allows you to protect yourself and still look good and not an escapee from the hospital ward.

So if it protects, looks good, fits good, and does not stretch out over time then this is an easy 5 star rating.

Promised Review by Douglas C
  • Great Gift for Outdoor Sporter
  • Prevent Slipping
  • Smooth as Silk & Cool
  • SPF400 Protection
  • Multiple Use
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