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Construction Site Camera Security

Construction Site Camera Security
Construction Site Camera Security

Brinno BCC100 Time Lapse Camera, Perfect for Construction and Outdoor Security – Includes Wall Mount and Weather Resistant Outdoor Housing

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Construction Site Camera Security is very nice product. We were having a new house constructed and installed this Brinno time-lapse camera to chart the progress. I only wish that I had bought it sooner so that we could have captured the entire build!

It’s very easy to set up and select your desired time-lapse interval: we started with one image per hour to test it out initially and then changed to one image every ten minutes which produced a much better result. The images are very good quality and it automatically compresses the time-lapse into an AVI file for each day. Importing into iMovie was very straightforward.

Only downsides that I can think of is that it is a stand-alone unit – it would be amazing if you could connect to it remotely and view the footage as in order to remove the SD card you have to remove it from its position (you could use a WiFi-enabled SD card) – if you are mounting it outside it’s a good idea to put a little pack of silica gel inside the waterproof casing to avoid the unit fogging up on cold mornings, and you do have to remember to press “start” to start recording BEFORE you mount the camera (I forgot one time and came back a week later to disappointment).

All in all a very nicely packaged camera that does exactly what it should.

Promised Review by Russell M
  • Outstanding Battery Life
  • Safe for Outdoor Use
  • Our lightweight and compact camera is wire-free, tool-free, worry-free
  • Brinno is a full-service company that provides customers with regular firmware