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Condenser Microphone

Condenser Microphone
Condenser Microphone

USB Gaming Condenser Microphone,XIIVIO Plug&Play Computer PC Microphone Mic with Tripod Stand and Pop Filter for Mac/Windows,Recording Voice Over, Streaming Twitch/Podcasting/YouTube

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Condenser Microphone so amazing. I’d like to first off say that I haven’t had many microphones in life, so I don’t have a professional level discernment of this subject, so my review is from the perspective of a casual user.

Having said that, I’ve been needing a microphone for a bit, but haven’t had the budget for the $100+ price points. After doing some research and reading reviews, I decided this one is worth checking out.

Thus far I’ve recorded a few voice overs. One thing I noticed is it really helps to have this thing right in front of your face when talking at it. I recorded a bit with the mic being to the side of my face and there was definitely more reverb to that recording…..and I don’t really know how to remove that in post, so…….whoops! haha

The stuff I recorded with the mic in front of my face, though, is very decent. I mean, I don’t have much to compare it to, but it’s easy enough to edit to make sound good even for my very beginner level.

I imagine the way more expensive mics have better recording quality and had this one been more expensive, it probably would not be a 5 star rating, but for its price point it really satisfied my expectations and actually kinda exceeded them. I wasn’t sure how much post processing I’d need to know how to do to use this mic effectively.

Anyway. If $30 is your budget for a microphone – this is a good buy. I’m also happy that there is a pop filter, a second filter (I’m a noob, idk what it’s called), and a little stand. I’ve seen just stands for $30, with out the microphone!

I’m happy I can finally narrate my videos.

Promised Review By Anna K
  • Clear Sound Quality
  • Perfect For Vocal
  • Satisfaction After-sale Service Guarantee
  • Simply plug it into the USB port
  • Pro-grade condenser microphone for premium audio performance and smooth
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